The safety and health of our clients is our number one concern. We ask that you please review the new precautions that we will be implementing as we reopen our doors, and work on location at sessions and weddings following COVID -19 and that you help us keep your wedding/session a safe place for everyone.







Removal of Shoes

Cleaning and disenfecting of cameras and equipment will be performed before, during, and after all services.

For your protection, we will be wearing facemaks during all weddings and sessions. We ask that others who are not being filmed/photographed also wear masks

We will be utilizing lenses with long focal lengths to maintain a minimum of 6 feet between us during your wedding/session.

Videographers/Photographers and clients should wash and sanitize hands regularly. We will bring hand sanitizer/disinfecting wipes with us to all weddings/shoots and will use them throughout the day, and have them available for our clients.

We will bring kleenex with us to all weddings/sessions and have it readily available for us and our clients to use. 

In instances that we need to place a lavalier microphone on a client, we will use a new set of surgical glove to attach or remvoe the microphone.

We will remove our shoes before entering all private residences.

*A written version of our COVID -19 perpardness plan is available upon reuquest.